Textile Research and Development centre
Our textile lab is in Taiwan where is also our production base located. Bill Chen, Egret’s founder, got his start in textile industry in 1985. For past 30 years, he worked toward to make revolutions in the functional fabrics for climbers to against extreme weather; meanwhile for athletes to keep body dry during the game.
Bill Chen- Egret 的創辦人, 從1985年就踏入紡織業這個行業. 在過去30年, 他致力於研發高機能布種, 提供給登山者穿著去對抗嚴峻的氣候及提供給運動家在比賽中保持身體乾燥.
“Light weight and comfortable wear” it is our core value. Our company, raw materials and fabrics all offer the highest standards of quality. The secret of achieving highest standard lies in the accurate computation when textile was created, we built a lab to test and to calculate every result.
輕薄且穿著舒適是我們的核心價值. 我們的公司從原料到布料以最高的標準來審視.達到高標準的秘密在於精密的計算, 所以我們設置了測試實驗室去計算各個實驗結果.
Our Promise
In our lab, we have more than 1,000 different fabrics, but only one thing behind- guaranteeing that any product next to humans’ skin is safe. For ensuring every lot doesn’t have any toxic material exited, fabrics need to be tested after it produced. Our fabrics come with the bluesign® guarantee that proves our commitment to using clean resources and safe production processes. It also provides the assurance that unsustainable materials can never make it into the production chain.
在我們的實驗室裡, 總共有1,000種不同的布種, 但我們只有一個堅持-確保我的任何一項產品都是安全的狀態. 每一種布種在生產後會去進行測試來確保沒有任何對身體有害的物質殘留. 再者, 所有的布種生產都是通過bluesign®的認證去保證所有的來源都是乾淨且安全的, 也確認在生產鏈中不會產生任何有毒物質.