“Yes, we love natural. You should to know how to love the land, too.”

“是的, 我們熱愛自然. 同時, 你也需要知道要如何來愛戴我們的土地.”

-Bill Chen, CEO

EGRET, a bird you can see flying over the river and standing in the middle of the field. A bird who rely on the land we live.

白鷺鷥, 常見的鳥類飛過於河堤邊或是站在稻田中央.
同時, 跟我們人類一樣依賴著這片土地為活.

We have deeply connected with the land and birds.


“Every product, every action, and every lifestyle decision can be a choice to harm less”

-Zoe Weil, The Animals’ Agenda

每一項產品, 每一個行動, 每個生活方式的選擇都可以是減少傷害的決定

EGRET Forever Against Animal Testing in cosmetics


友善環境的創造, 是為EGRET的其中一項目標.

除了拒絕動物實驗外, 我們更加地從原料把關, 拒絕使用任何基因改殖的原料